Hello, my name is Wyatt Hatfield! As a native to the Northern California area, I have a bright vision for the world around me. I love to travel and challenge myself in replicating what I see. My primary objective is quality over quantity.

My background in photography started in 2006 when I became a production assistant for a production company called, KOAS entertainment. After that I transitioned into: Lab Assistant, Lab Manager, Retoucher, Assistant Photographer and finally Photographer. This journey has revealed many experiences which I’ve learned various techniques amongst a diverse photo world.

I shoot either digital or film which I develop and print myself. I also have many on the field experiences with lighting equipment, darkroom equipment, and digital programs such as Photoshop and Capture One Pro.

If you are curious enough to establish a dialogue, see my community page which you can register and ask questions and/or provide feedback.

Lastly, If you like my work, please utilize my contact page!

Thank you